• Karen Alexander-Banks

The Auntie Karen Foundation launches new online series entitled AK YE Biz Chats

If you could look into the future to see what impact your contribution has had on a person’s life, would you do it? Well, this year, the Auntie Karen Foundation did just that by creating The AK YE Biz Chats series. Since 2003, The Auntie Karen Foundation has been showcasing youth entrepreneurs from ages 4 to 22 at the annual Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs Conference. Covid-19 has forced the foundation to create an innovative way to connect while offering role models for aspiring youth entrepreneurs. AK Biz Chats is a fun way to introduce the public to some outstanding young entrepreneurs. The original segments were created with High School Student Matthew Addison. We caught up with current young entrepreneurs to document their stories. The latest addition to AK Biz Chats is called “YE Biz Chats: Where Are They Now?”. This addition was created with the help of some University of South Carolina interns (Sha’ante Graham, Gillian Haviland, and Addison Bryant). The series catches up with past Auntie Karen Young Entrepreneurs to see what they are up to now and find out how working with the foundation helped.

“YE Chats: Where Are They Now?” catches up with Alexander English, Jr. (filmmaker); Jen Manswell (movie producer); Brian McQueen (Opera Singer); Sergio Hudson (fashion designer); Sheldon Ferguson (guitarist and music producer); Angela “Peacce” Hunter (music producer) and more. The series will begin on September 17, 2020, and run through the month of October. New videos will be posted each Thursday on The Auntie Karen Social Platforms.

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