Auntie Karen®

Learning Center

Auntie Karen's Place TV Show

With the help of various Auntie Karen characters, students can explore important life skills through topics such as music, health, financial literacy and emergency preparedness.

The series is housed on, where it was featured as part of ETV's Streamline Series.


Civil Rights Oral History Project

The Auntie Karen Foundation partnered with the State Department of Education to highlight the experiences of eight key South Carolinians during the Civil Rights movement.


Young Entrepreneurs (YE) Biz Chats

Join The Auntie Karen Foundation as they explore the entrepreneurial spirits of fellow students and past young entrepreneurs. Inspired by the annual Young Entrepreneurs Conference, YE Biz Chats seek to gain direct insight into the minds of ambitious students and dive deeper into their passions.


Healthy Living Blog

Learn more about the importance of eating fresh, healthy foods through Gordon's personal blog.  Follow along as Gordon embarks on his journey to live a healthier life and shares his favorite recipes.